Liquid Vote

What does the NetCommunity ‘BW’ (Be Welcome) say about Liquid Vote and Draft Vote?

>> Voting procedures

What are the simple and efficient voting methods we could use for the cases when voting is needed?

To balance the problem of having the website ruled by forum addicts, we could query the database for a short list of random BW members, that amount to more than the people involved in the thread, and tell them by email that they’ve been selected to vote on something about BW. A bit like a jury.
If we have 10 participants in a thread, we would only need to massmail 30 people to bring some balance. The people from the list would find a wiki page summarizing the issue and the solutions so that they don’t need to read the whole thread.

Liquid-vote –
This trick prevents that uninterested people vote at random on something they feel compelled to vote on. Liquid democracy allows a voter to either cast a vote, either hand his voice to someone they think is more interested/expert in the matter. It can be combined with “draft-vote”. <<

My intentions are simple: I want to show how a ‘Liquid Vote‘ and/or a ‘Draft Vote‘ can work in a walkable 3D-environment. As the very first example I work on agra-Park in 3DSorry this page comes for now in German language only.

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